Full Groom

 Inclusive of :

A Full Groom for your Dog will Include a bath, Blowdry & Brush, Full Body Styling either a Clipped Or Scissored Finish,Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning.


This Service Is recommended For All Breeds That require regular Trimming and we advise a 6 week Schedule between appointments as If left any longer than this your Dog Coat may start to Matt in areas and the groom then becomes uncomfortable for your dog.

We always recommend you Maintain grooming in~between Visits by regularly Brushing at home.

Once your Dog goes over the recommended schedule they may go beyond being able to be comfortably brushed and groomed and a full shave down May be needed to ensure your dog has a comfortable and happy visit. We will Not Dematt Severely matted Coats and extra Charges Will be applied for any Extra Work Carried out and Grooms that Exceed the Recommended 6 weeks as A full Restyle will then be needed.

Prices Will Vary For each Breed And Individual Needs :

£40 Toy Breeds 

£45 Small Breed

£50 Medium

£65- £70  Large Breed

£85 + Giant Breed


bath & Tidy

Inclusive of :

Our Bath and Tidy Service is great for those in-between groom sessions when your dog isn't quiet ready for a full groom but in need of a freshen up Bath, Full Brush through, Blow-dry and a light face feet and back end tidy up to see you through until the full works. You can always Add on a Treatment of your choice. 

Prices will Vary For each Breed.

Starting From:

£30 toy breeds 

£35 Small Breed 

£40 Medium Breed 

£50 + Large Breed

£70+ Giant Breed.

Bath Only

Inclusive of :

A Bath and Blow Dry Only No Trimming included.  Nails are included 

Prices Will vary depending on coat type and Condition Please call for Prices.


Puppy intro

Inclusive of :

A Puppy Intro is Your new puppies most important visit as  you want to get them accustomed to visiting the Grooming Salon and making sure it is an enjoyable visit , We will introduce Your Puppy to all of the smells sounds and equipment that will be necessary for their life time of grooming in a positive manner over a period of time which is usually 3-4 visits from as young as 12 weeks old ( providing all vaccines have been given

,No hair cuts will be given at this stage just gentle easing in of the routine such as bathing drying and tidying around the eyes face feet and bottom area as well as nails and ears. 

Prices Will vary depending on breed and age of puppy .

From £25 upwards.


Facial scrub

Our Range Of facial Treatments are Perfect for the Extra Special treat, we use the finest products available depending on your needs,

Our Blueberry Facial Is perfect for white coated breeds or for those Stubborn Tear stained areas on the face around the eyes and mouth areas ( completely Tearless so safe for around the eye area)  used regualrly the results are amazing this is safe for puppies and dogs of all ages and smells amazing aswell as getting great results.

We Have our Luxurious Tearless Facial Scrub for All Breeds regardless of colour or staining 

this iGroom Product is Paraben Free,

Sulphate Free, Phthalates free and offers intense conditioning whilst safe to use on puppies also.

Facials Are an Additional Add on service Priced at £10 when added onto a full groom


£15 as a single Treatment with out a groom and the face area will be rinsed and partly dried to apron 80% ( may be slightly damp when leaving the salon) 


Foot spa

The Ultimate Pawdicure with the "Warren London" foot Treatment.

This Fizz Ball is Added to a warm foot bath after your dogs wash Or as a single Treatment.

  • Helps Eliminate Paw Irritation - Natural tea tree oil fights fungus, bacteria, and allergens that irritate paws and cause itching and licking.

  • Cleanses Paws - Keep paw pads clean and fresh from dirt and germs that are accumulated during walks and everyday life.

  • Conditions Paws - Seaweed extract helps soothe, moisturize, and hydrate paw pads. Leaves your dog conditioned and comfortable.

  • Brightens Nails - Repeated use conditions nails to gradually restore shine and brightness

  • Includes Our Natural Paw Balm Applied to the pads to help soften and heal cracked and tired feet to finish off your dogs Pawdicure

Cost as An Add on extra to your Groom £10 or £15 for a single treatment when not included along with your groom.

Or Try our Mini Pawdicure

 With our Natural Healing paw Balm applied After your Dogs groom with a relaxing paw massage or as an add on to Nail Trimming only. 

Cost £ 7 when added on to your groom or £10 when added on to your Nail Trimming only


Hand stripping

Hand Stripping is a particular technique most commonly used on wire coated Breeds but also softer coated Breeds such as Spaniels and Setters, It is the removal of the old dead Coat revealing the new healthier coat underneath. This is a specialised skill and is a much longer process that clipping or scissoring and this is reflected on the charges that go along with having such skills. There are several things needed to be considered when deciding if Handstripping is your preferred choice such as : has your dog been previously clipped or striped, has He / She been neutered ? are you able to keep up the coat care needed to maintain the correct coat texture to continue to Handstrip (regular visits for certain breeds) ?

Handstripping your dog will Keep the Breeds Natural Coat Texture and colour providing the above needs are met. Further assessment would be needed visually before proceeding.

Please Do call for more info .

Prices Start from £65 for Small £85 medium - £100 Large.

Prices will vary and may be less if a regular schedule is kept i.e 4-6 weekly visits.




De~shedding is the removal of dead hair that is cast when your dog moults, There are many methods we use in the salon to help remove dead coat ranging from our Bath, Blow~dry And Brushing for Longer coated breeds,  Or our Rubber Brushes And Carding tools that grip the dead hair removing any excess undercoat for shorter haired breeds. 

And then we have our exclusive add on Mud Bath Treatment which is applied before the Usual Shampoo and blow dry procedure which helps eliminate unwanted Dead hair.

Prices Will vary From Breed to Breed please call for more Info.

Mud Bath Treatment


We Offer The Ultimate Luxury Mud Bath Treatment designed to help eliminate That unwanted Dead Coat.

This is designed for all shedding Breeds Long or short Hair. 

This Treatment is great for unclogging hair follicles and removing dirt whilst healing and soothing the skin, It also helps loosen the dead coat and remove all that unwanted fur whilst leaving your dogs coat feeling Super Soft and fully revived !


This Treatment Can be added on to your full groom Or along side a bath only as a full shampoo and Blow dry is required after the treatment.

Cost from :

£10 small

£15 Medium - Large



Teeth clean

Emmi~Pet Ultra Sonic :

Dental problems are very common to animals. Even attentive pet owners often miss the fact that their dog maybe suffering from painful diseases of the teeth. Even dogs are often affected by tartar and painful gingivitis. Animals cannot communicate when they are plagued by severe toothache. Therefor preventative care is a must! The dental care of the dog should be as important to you as your own.

Non evasive  - A great advantage for gum problems.

The emmi-pet has a significant advantage for sensitive gums or inflammation. It cleans painlessly, smoothly and thoroughly without brushing, it is pure Ultrasound. It also stimulates the blood circulation of the gum tissue and releases body energies.

• Cleans with pure Ultrasound – max. 96 million air circulations

• Motionless cleaning. Smooth and without brushing its gently held on to teeth with no movement so the dog is kept is calm and comforted.

• The Original Ultrasound penetrates deep into the gums and gum pockets, cleaning them thoroughly.

• Increases blood circulation.

• Dogs breath is instantly improved from the first session

We offer several options for this great service 

your Start up cost of £20 for your dogs own too brush head which will be sterilised and stored safely for your dogs visits plus the cost of your session options listed below :

 Every 1~2 weeks £20 per session approx 15 min session this is recommended for best results and to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

 Every 4~6 weeks £40 for 30-40 min session this is recommended to add on to your regular grooming schedule . If you dogs teeth Need Excessive work we would advise to reduce time between sessions to help improve dental health.

 bulk buy 10 x sessions and get 1x session half price 

Appointments are necessary for this service please call to book in.


Nail trimming

Nail Trimming Is Essential to maintain a Healthy Happy Dog.

Untrimmed and overgrown nails can not only grow back into your dogs pads causing immense

discomfort and infection But will have a huge impact on joint pain and posture which will effect your dogs wellbeing.

We offer a walk in service for trimming with prices From £10.